Traveling is now being a lifestyle for modern people especially millennials, to visit some places and destinations, feel the relaxing atmosphere and have a while break from the tiring and stressful daily routine. On top of that, traveling itself offers more great experience and valuable lesson of life to be discovered. There are some famous quotes about traveling that we often hear over time, like these two following quotes for example;

the world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page” ~ Saint Augustine

traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” ~ Anonymous

Luckily we live in a country which has various natural wonders and fascinating tourism destinations to explore as it is the biggest archipelago country in the world comprising of 17,504 islands. All those alluring destinations are just too perfect and too wonderful to be neglected by all travelers over the world. Cause here we are, Wonderful Indonesia.

Talking, writing, and sharing about #WonderfulIndonesia have always been one of my favorite things. My passion for the world of traveling has made me call myself as a tourism enthusiast. I really love to ‘get lost’ and explore many new wonderful places. One of the destinations in Indonesia that I ever explored and successfully impressed myself is the Beautiful Bandung, a capital city of West Java province.

Tea Plantation at Lembang, Bandung.

With the spirit to explore #WonderfulIndonesia in Bandung, last year I and some of my friends had decided and planned to go traveling around this city for about 2 days. And if you ask, why did we choose Bandung as our destination that time? Because Bandung is only a short 2.5 hours’ drive southeast of Jakarta via toll road, and is the overwhelming destination of choice for us as Tangerang residents (Jakarta’s neighbor) to get away for weekends and long holidays. But then, we prefer traveling by train because we can enjoy the trip more comfortably. We were so excited!

So now, are you curious about what wonderful places we visited while we were in Bandung? Let’s check this out and take a look 🙂

1. The Dramatic Hills of Tebing Keraton

This spot was on top list of my trip planning and ‘a must visit place’ in Bandung. Of course, how can I ignore that wonderful view? Extremely beautiful…

Tebing Keraton or The Royal (Palace) Cliff is also known as the “Instagram Hill” among netizen in Indonesia. The landscape is extremely dangerous but beautiful. The pine forest under the cliff across the Juanda Park (Taman Hutan Raya/Tahura Juanda) makes the visitors dare to take selfies on the cliff. Tebing Keraton is located near the city of Bandung. I recommend you for the best time visiting this place is just before sunset or sunrise.

2. The Exotic Dusun Bambu

I fell in love with this place since I found it out on Instagram. It is named Dusun Bambu or Bamboo VillageDusun Bambu is located right at the foot of Mount Burangrang, Lembang, Bandung. This tourist spot has a number of interesting natural tourist facilities, including lake resort, villas, restaurants, and Pasar Khatulistiwa or the Equator Market.

The reason why Dusun Bambu is highly recommended to visit when you are on vacation to Bandung is because this place has an exotic rural environment which is very natural and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. The atmosphere is so cool and pampering so that can make everyone feel at home. Marvelous!

3. The Eye-Catching Farm House

Farm House is one of the tourist attractions in Lembang, Bandung which carries the concept of European rural tourism. Since more than 3 years ago, Farm House has succeeded in drawing the attention of many tourists because of its unique appeal. There are many interesting, unique, and instagramable spots to take pictures and to enjoy the beautiful panorama. If you are a photographer, Farm House really gives you so much inspiration to explore its beauty through your camera. 

4. The Remarkable Floating Market

Still in Lembang Bandung, there is a unique and exciting traveling spot named Floating Market. With its distinctive ‘floating market’, the Floating Market Lembang certainly reminds us of the real floating market in Banjarmasin or even in Thailand. However, Floating Market Lembang is absolutely different and certainly more interesting because besides a unique floating market, there are also another interesting spots which are too good to be missed.

As same as Farm House, for those of you who like photography, this place is such a haven for you, because with many unique and interesting spots in Floating Market, you can express your photographic desire as much as you like. 🙂

5. The Green Charm of The Lodge Maribaya

If you are the type who likes to visit tourist spots with greeneries and exotic outdoors, then try visiting The Lodge Maribaya, Lembang. This place is offering a photo spot with a backdrop of exotic and amazing stretch of pine forest. To get good photos, you can try some photo booths or attractions offered here. The one I tried was Bamboo Sky. What a wonderful view, right?

6. Strolling around the City of Bandung

Grand Mosque of Bandung at Bandung Square (Alun-Alun Bandung)

And in our last day in Bandung, we planned to stroll around the city of Bandung. We visited some popular spots like Grand Mosque of Bandung, Gedung Sate (Sate Building), Gasibu Square, Asia-Africa Street, Taman Film (Movie Park), Taman Jomblo (Single Park) and we also take pictures at some murals which were made and painted by creative youths of Bandung. Pretty cool…!

Some popular spots around the city of Bandung

Some murals at the city of Bandung

Well, how do you think, guys? Bandung is beautiful, right? Let’s discover the spirit of Wonderful Indonesia by sharing the story of your trip to various destinations in Indonesia. You can also share your story of #WonderfulIndonesia by participating in this Wonderful Indonesia Blog Competition. Click here

Let’s take part in this Blog Competition and show how #WonderfulIndonesia is.

Cheers 🙂

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SARIF HIDAYAT · Desember 5, 2018 pada 5:08 am

Powerrfull bener ini mahhh


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    Firmansyah · Desember 5, 2018 pada 9:30 am

    Thanks Mas Sarif…. sudah mampir dan membaca. Salam #WonderfulIndonesia 🙂

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Damar Aisyah · Desember 5, 2018 pada 6:30 am

Hm, I’ve already visited some of them, and yes I really enjoy traveling in Bandung. The good news is, end of this I plan to go back to Bandung for 3 days. Maybe, I’ll try the other object. Good sharing, Bro.

Like it?

    Firmansyah · Desember 5, 2018 pada 9:37 am

    Wow… It’s nice to hear that you will go back to Bandung in the end of this year. Have fun ya mbak…
    Thank you for reading this article.

    Salam #WonderfulIndonesia

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Joe Candra · Desember 5, 2018 pada 9:50 pm

adrress the winner this is mah (alamat menang ini mah) wkwkkwkw

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    Firmansyah · Desember 6, 2018 pada 12:08 am

    Hahaaha…. Thanks Bang Joe. Aaamiiin Yaa Rabb …
    Thanks for reading this article too… Salam #WonderfulIndonesia

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Adhi Nugroho · Desember 5, 2018 pada 11:52 pm

The Lodge Maribaya is the BEST! I’ve been living in Bandung for about 2,5 years but surprisingly didn’t know much about it. Thanks for the article. I’m sure it means a lot to people who want to travel to Bandung. And top of that, I wish you a very good luck for the Competition! Numero Uno, Amin Ya Rabb.

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    Firmansyah · Desember 6, 2018 pada 12:14 am

    Wah…. I didn’t even know that you’ve been living in Bandung for that long, Mas Adhi. Aaamiiin. That’s my number one purpose, hopefully this article can be useful for people who want to travel to Bandung. And thank you so much, Mas Adhi for the prayer. I wish you also the best of luck for your next competition. Aaamiin Yaa Rabb.

    Salam #WonderfulIndonesia

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Tanza Erlambang · Desember 8, 2018 pada 5:25 pm

mantap deh

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    Firmansyah · Desember 8, 2018 pada 8:30 pm

    Thank you for reading this article, Tanza.
    Salam #WonderfulIndonesia

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FERIALD · Desember 21, 2018 pada 4:35 pm

I learned so much lessons in this article. The first thing is I amazed your photograph and off course your written. Then, I can read carefully every single word you write. I wish I could make the article like this.

Like it?

    Firmansyah · Desember 25, 2018 pada 10:59 am

    Thank you so much, Kang Ferry. It’s always good to know people having great reading with my article. Hopefully it can be more useful and give more information to the readers.

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